Don’t big chop untill you read this!

5 things I wished somebody told me before going natural.

Do you remember the moment you decided to go natural? How about when you did your big chop? I remember when I did. When I first went natural in 2009 there weren’t many products on the market and I had no ideas what I was doing. I would often get frustrated with my hair and relax, texturize and it cut it. For almost ten years I struggled with my natural hair.


From my struggles, I have comprised a list of things not to do when your hair is natural

  1. Don’t compare your hair with others! – this is the most important thing to remember your hair is an was uniquely created just like you. Therefore you have to Love your hair just the way it Is. once you learn to love your hair the next few steps will be easy to accomplish.
  2. Learn you hair texture.- for me, it’s important to learn the texture of your hair. Is it corse or soft? Do you need a lot of product to style your hair or just a little? Does your hair absorb water easily? Does your hair absorb products easily or do products still on top of your hair? All of these questions will help you understand your hair and what type of products you need for your hair.
  3. Only use youtube as a reference, not a one size fits all solution.- boy have I gotten frustrated when I saw a cute style on YouTube that I couldn’t achieve even though we have the same hair type. The truth is youtube is a reference so don’t get discouraged if something that worked for one person doesn’t work for you. Get ideas and tweak them to match what you know about your hair. I promise you will be so much happier in the long run.
  4. Learn your curl pattern. This really helped me understand my hair because I was looking for these huge curls that as you can tell I don’t have. I have a tight coil pattern that depending on how I style it can be a curl or a zig-zag pattern. Understanding my curl pattern Has helped me not be disappointed when I can’t achieve certain looks. It’s easier to accept my hair and customize looks for me because I know my hairs’ limitations.
  5. Accept shrinkage – I used to be so upset after styling my hair and seeing that it two inches shorter than it actually was. Shrinkage is apart of your natural hair journey accept it. Shrinkage gets the best of all of us. My advice is if you want your hair to be true to length when styling stretch your hair before you style. This is the only way to avoid shrinkage with styling there are two ways to stretch your hair. By either braiding or using the tension method with your blow dryer. These methods lengthen your hair so that it won’t shrink as small.

If you learn how to do these things early on it will save you a lot of frustration, heat damage, and big chops. I hope you found my article helpful check out my YouTube page at Hey Jylesa . If you have any questions email me or dm me on my Instagram @HeyJylesa .

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