3 Tips For Better Natural Light Photos

Imagine you and your girlfriends are off on a girls trip and you are taking what you thought were great pictures. Once you get to the room, you notice that some pictures are blurry, everyone is squinting in every photo and some are just plain bad. You thought you did everything right only to realize after the fact that it was not good. Now you cannot relive the moment but what I can do is give you tips for better photos.

Tip # 1 Avoid direct sunlight like the plague.


Direct sunlight automatically makes everyone Squint. God made it that way so that you do not damage your eyes by looking into bright lights. So instead of facing the sun look for places that have shadows like under a tree on, beside a building and even under a walkway of trees. That way you get evenly spread lighting and no one will be squinting.

Bonus Tip: If you cannot avoid the sun, pose your subject at an angle that way you can avoid the squint.

Tip # 2 Look for natural reflectors 


Normally during shoots, if a photographer doesn’t have enough light they use a flash to illuminate their subject however if your just an everyday person you don’t buy this equipment so an alternative would be to look for natural reflectors. A natural reflector is anything white that will bounce light. An example of a natural reflector is a white sidewalk like the one in the above picture or a white building or wall. These areas make for great naturally lit photos.

Bonus tip: avoid anything dark it will most likely lead to a dark photo. Dark colors absorb light, which means dark photos.

Tip #3- Sunset has the best lighting


If you can take pictures at sunset. Sunset creates the best lighting for photos, at sunset the sun is not harsh and spreads evenly. This gives you the best photos without having to do much.  This is why photographers call sunset the golden hour. The photos below were taken at 8pm downtown Atlanta.



I Hope these tips help you take better photos. Every Tuesday on my Instagram I will be doing, pro photo tips to share with my followers if you would like to stay up to date go and follow my Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/heyjylesa/

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