Best Barbeque In Atlanta

Being raised in the south means that you are the best food critic despite popular opinions. I was born and raised in Atlanta with an exquisite pallet for food. Alright, who am I kidding I just like some good home cooked food and after many failed attempts at finding food that reminded me of my moms cooking I found a place that comes in close second.  Its called Jim N NicksIMG_5701

This place is the holy grail of barbeque. I have gone to some other establishments in my day and after a while, their food tastes different or the places close within a few years. My mother took me to Jim N Nicks over two years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I have no idea how they do it but every location I have gone to food taste the same. It makes me think they have a robotic cook in the back that works simultaneously at all locations. I know that seems extream but I haven’t had a bad plate of food yet.

I am a simple girl so I got the same plate I always get which is the barbeque chicken quarter with a side of mac and cheese and collard greens. When I say finger licking good I mean that. The way they slow cook this chicken is amazing. It’s juicy and filled with seasoning from the inside out. Then the collards are definitely someone’s great-grandmother recipes. You can taste the time spent to be sure their collard are cooked to perfection. Let’s not forget the melt in your mouth mac and cheese.  The sides complement the chicken like a well put together thesis statement.


Now I know bread is not a good part of my diet especially since I am on a mission to lose 20lbs asap But their cheese biscuits will make you quickly forget about your diet. Before I finished my meal I ate 5 by myself. Yes, you read that right 5. I should be ashamed but I am not. Once you taste one you will understand. Luckily for people like me, whole love their biscuits you can buy the mix and take home yourself. You can buy their barbeque sauce and dry rub as well.



One last thing I want to rave about is their new Peach Lemonade. It is on the sweet side but who doesn’t love to indulge in sweetness delight every now and again. It comes in a small glass with real peaches in it. From the pictures, it may not look like much but this baby packs a punch. IMG_5693

So the next time you go to a Jim N’ Nicks try the lemonade and tell them Jylesa sent ya.

Whats your Favorite BBQ joints in your city?

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