How To Solve Your Dry Hair Problem.

There are a lot of hair terms that have manifested in the natural hair community over the last few years. When I first went natural in 2008 I was a hair product junky that couldn’t find a fix. No product worked and I ended up getting a texturizer because I had no idea what I was doing. Fast forward to a few years and we have educated ourselves and we are well versed in what it takes to care for our hair.

This post will explain everything you need to know about Hair porosity. So the first question is what is hair porosity?

What is

Each of your hair strands has whats called a cuticle. The hair cuticle is the outermost layer of your hair and serves as the protector of the inner parts of your hair. Hair porosity comes into play by discovering how well your cuticle hair absorbs moisture.

The easiest and popular way it the float or sink test.

  • Step one- Get a  clear glass of room temperature water. Be sure the water is room temperature if it’s too warm or too cold it could give you a false outcome.
  • Step two- Take a few strands of your hair and cut them or pull them out if your an OG.
  • Step three- Place your hair in the glass and Wait four minutes


If your hair floats it is low porosity meaning you cuticle doesn’t take in moisture easily. Products normally sit directly on top of your hair. Hair seems dull and brittle and extremely frizzy.

If it Stays in the middle then you have normal porosity meaning your cuticle it takes in moisture. This is hair goals, no extra work needed.

If your hair sinks to the bottom then you have high porosity hair meaning you cuticle takes in moisture but losses it just as quickly I hope this gets you started.

I completed the test on my hair and confirmed what I thought which was that I have Low Porosity hair. My hair actually stayed afloat for over 30 mins. Any product that I put on my hair sits on top and I have a huge issue with product build up. Sometime next week I plan on trying the maximum hydration method. and will be documenting my results on my blog and Youtube Channel.


Another blog that I like that has even more information on caring for natural hair is napturallycurly.com. She has great tutorials that I plan on trying soon.

I hope this helps happy Reading. Let me know your results if you tried this test.

Hair Porosity Grphic

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