The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Building Confidence After Cutting Your Hair.

When I first did my big chop I literally wanted to cry. Growing up I was taught that having long hair stood for beauty. I was shook. From that first look, I didn’t recognize who was staring back in the mirror. I was a woman I didn’t know. The reflection in the mirror showed how much I had been neglecting my skin and even myself. It was like that first look changed the way I saw myself. I no longer had long hair to hide behind and I felt vulnerable. I have done several chops but never this short. It was at that moment I questioned whether or not I would ever like my new haircut.


May your fro grow and your skin glow

After a few weeks of questioning my newfound journey to rediscover myself. I started taking these steps to rock my new short look.

Tip # 1 Find your hair inspiration.

Months before I ever did a big chop I searched online for some hair inspiration. I specifically looked up African American woman short hairstyles. After finding the ones that I knew I wanted to rock I saved them on my phone. Then I searched on Instagram and found some influencers who were rocking short hair and followed them. Some of my fave short hair influencers are @_kaicealea and @iam.tiffany.renee. Feel free to check them out for some good natural curly vibes.

Maybe you were inspired by someone you know who did a big chop or you saw a picture that you loved. Whatever inspired you to big chop in the first place remember it and use it to push past the confidence scare.

Tip #2 Got to the barber

Like most girls, you see on youtube my big chop was done in the comfort of my home with a cheap pair of hair scissors. No matter how good my husband was at cutting hair he was not able to get my hair even. So I decided to get a haircut for the first time in a barbershop.  I was terrified of letting a man cut my hair. You know the fear every black girl has when you sit in the chair and you have to explain to your stylist that you want a trim and not a cut, but she still cuts your hair anyway. So imagine my anxiety with a man holding the clippers ( no disrespect). After getting out of my feelings I was able to fall in love with my hair because of my new cut.  Adding some shape to my hair gave me a fresh boost of confidence knowing that my hair was even. I decided on a tapered cut: More hair at the top and less on the sides and back which I love. I do wish I shaved the sides down


more but hey there is always next time.

Tip # 3 Add some color

I would always wonder why every person with short hair almost always had some sort of color in their hair. Well now I know because I have joined the short hair color team. My hair has been black majority of my life and honestly, I love my black hair but with short dry hair black automatically looks dingy. Now I don’t recommend going blonde or any outrageous color that you know will damage your hair.  That defeats the purpose of a big chop. I went with a copper brown that would just highlight my skin tone. Nothing too bright but just enough that shows beautifully when the sun hits it just right.


Short natural hair

Tip # 4 Accessorize

I found that accessorizing made me feel more like a woman. I love seeing a black beautiful woman with short hair rocking oversized hoops and headwraps. Since my chop, I cant leave the house without hoops and I actually feel naked without them. A short haircut will make you notice details really quick.  Play up the haircut with sunglasses, makeup, headscarves, jewelry, and neck scarves.

It wasn’t until after I did all these things that I fell in love with my hair. Especially when it started to grow out and that shape started to show when I style my hair.  Baby its been on and popping ever since.  The struggle is real especially if you have never had short hair. But you can overcome everything with a little effort.  I hope these tips help you.

Thinking of doing your big chop? Read this! Do you have some tips that helped you get over your confidence blender after your big chop? Share them below I would love to read them.



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