20 Affirmations Every Influencers Should Know.

Affirmations have become a part of my everyday life ever since I made the decision to live my best life. I started reading self-help books such as You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and practicing daily meditations. All of this for me to come to the conclusion that I want to be an influencer.

The Back Story

At first, I am not going to lie, when I looked at other influencers getting free products and sponsorships, ya girl wanted to jump on the train too. I was heading out of the station with the only intention: to get and not give. No wonder my family YouTube channel was a flop or that my personal blogs were even more of a flop. I only wanted to get and not give. I am sure my mentality showed through in my videos and blog post.

One thing I know to be true is that the internet is forever undefeated and can read your intentions real quick and hang you out to pasture if need be.

How can I help others?

After one year of failing, I decided to not give up. It could have been easy let this be another L added to my growing list, but I refused. The decision was made to get grounded with my inner self and discover my purpose. I started to ask myself, why? Why do you want to do this? This Why lead me on a quick path of self-discovery. That initial why lead me to other questions like: How can I help others? What are my struggles? How can I create content to help others like me? What are my goals? What helps me feel fulfilled? All of these questions lead to answers.

I now know that my goal isn’t to get free products because I am cheap or broke. But it’s to help other consumers like myself make informed decisions on purchasing everyday items. I want to show other people brands that they can purchase from knowing they are getting quality products. I want to help others. That is my main goal. One post, for example, my Fashion nova to Bawse Chic post shows you how to shop at New York and Company on a budget.  If you ever read a blog post or watch a YouTube Video and it helps you in any way my life has been made.

I have always been a helper since I was a little girl. You could find me somewhere trying to encourage or teach someone something. It was just in my DNA. Now it hasn’t always gone over very well because I was labeled as a know it all, because I didn’t listen to advice from others. So with age comes wisdom and I have learned that I want to build a community with open dialogue that leads to a relationship between me and my followers.

The issue I kept running into was getting to my audience to see me. So instead of buying fake Instagram followers or YoutTube views, I decided I was going to call it in. Now, this only works of course if I keep putting out quality content and be consistent. This is the formula I am walking out at the moment is hustle + affirmations = goals reached.

hustle + affirmations = goals reached

So you might be an up-and-coming influencer wanting to grow your following like me, you might already have a following but you’ve hit a growth stump. Check your motivations at the door, then get to affirming your self to reach your goals.

What are Affirmations?

As defined by Webster: Affirmations is the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. To affirm something means to state as a fact; assert strongly and publicly. The affirmations are created for you to encourage yourself so that God can manifest it in the earth.

Now before I lose you, I am completely aware of the universe vs. God debate. Whatever words you need to put in place, feel free to insert, my goal is for you to get the principle. You don’t have to do an elaborate religious routine to get these to work either. When I was working on my confidence I would look at myself in the mirror and say “girl you bad.” But if that’s not you then do it the way you deem necessary. The point is to say them until you believe it.

Affirmations need to be spoken daily in order for them to work. If you miss a day don’t beat yourself up just continue until it becomes a habit. Say them every day before the start of your day. I also like to pray and read my daily devotion as well but that’s just me. Whatever works for you do it. Now I know you didn’t come to the post for all that, let’s get to affirming.

My daily affirmations for Influencers

  1. I am a person of influence in my niche.
  2. I am the top influencer in my niche.
  3. My uniqueness causes me to stand out from others in my niche
  4. I enjoy sharing my expertise and knowledge with others.
  5. My message is brief, compelling and valuable!
  6. I am attracting a following that stands behind me and believes in my brand.
  7. I attract brands that want to work with me, who produce quality products that my followers love.
  8. My Instagram is an extension of my brand that attracts more followers to my other social media platforms.
  9. I use my platform to encourage others to be the best versions of themselves.
  10. My following is growing rapidly every day.
  11. My influence affords me to live in financial abundance.
  12. I started my Youtube Channel/ Blog at the right time in my life.
  13. I am a top influencer in my city and brands seek me out to work with them.
  14. My creativity brings me seven-plus streams of income.
  15. Content Ideas are downloaded into my mind as I sleep.
  16. I am motivated to work on my brand daily.
  17. Writing is easy for me
  18. My words are laced with influence and people are attracted to them.
  19. I am a confident speaker with outstanding vocal habits!
  20. I focus on helping others to solve their problems.

Even if you don’t believe a word that is listed with these affirmations I challenge you to give them a try. If this post helped you in any way please let me know in the comments so that I know that my work isn’t in vain.

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