Reliving Wakada

This past Sunday I woke up wanting to give going to Wakanda vibes. Okay let me be honest, I woke up to matted hair due to my lack of using a bonnet the night before. I was scrambling for what I was going to wear when my inner self-saw my African Scarf. I immediately jump into action deciding to go for Wakanda forever vibes. img_9206

This scarf was purchased a while ago and to be honest I don’t remember where I purchased it from but it’s not good quality so its good I don’t remember where I got it from otherwise ya girl would be putting them on blast.  Anywho there are several places you can purchase quality scarves from like EE Styles.

My shirt was purchased from Ross. I was in love with this shirt from the moment I saw it. The neckline details give me an African warrior princess vibe which went well with my head scarf. This beaded neckline meant I didn’t have to worry about a necklace just some bomb hoops. I love the shape of the shirt as well. With the plate being placed right under the neckline detail it gives a flattering silhouette right on the bust line. img_9173

I paired this top with a simple black dress pants nothing too much. Sometimes simple is better.


Ladies tell me how you style your headscarves in the comments below.



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