Quick Guide: Do’s and Don’ts of Cocktail Attire For Women

In 2017 whenever I got a party invite I would never read the attire instructions. Yes, I was the party guest either overdressed or severely underdressed. It wasn’t until recently that I started to pay more attention to my party invites. I check the time and date and I  pay close attention to the quality of the invite. If your host went out of their way to spend some coin on the invite, then best believe you need to step out in your best foot forward.

Cocktail attire is very different from black tie events. Black tie events consist of your most formal attire. These events are almost always ballroom gown styles while cocktail attire is very sophisticated with a sexy edge.

My do’s and don’ts of Cocktail attire. 

Do wear a dress that hit right at the knees. Anything shorter is inappropriate.

Don’t wear a floor length gown. Remeber that is getting into black tie territory. Keep it short and classy.

Don’t wear jeans. This is not a casual event. Again think sophisticated, not laid back.

Do wear trousers if you are totally against dresses. Go for light colors and stay away from all black if possible. Make a statement don’t blend in.

Don’t carry your biggest oversized bag. This gets me all the time. I will see a lady dressed to the nines and she has her oversized MK bag. Please remember sleek and sophisticated, not grandma’s bag that we stuff with food to take out of the event. Of course, you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Do carry a small clutch. When attending events a girl only needs blotting paper or powder to retouch makeup, lipstick and her phone. That’s it, ladies, no need for the big bag just bring the cute little one.

Don’t come wrinkled. I know we all have our off days, but please don’t show up to an event wrinkled. I am a firm believer that wrinkles take away from the beauty of a garment.

Do steam or iron your garment before putting it on. Invest in a steamer. It helps in the long run especially when you are short on time.

Don’t over accessorize. Have you ever seen that one person at the event with all of their “good” jewelry on and all the pieces are huge? Her necklace is a statement piece and so is her headband, bracelet, and broach.,m

Do choose one statement piece. I like standing out just as much as the next girl, but too much is just too much girl pick one.

Don’t wear any ballet flats or sneakers. A beautiful outfit can be ruined without the right shoes. Believe you me a girl knows these facts. So do me a favor and don’t come to the party in the flats. At least wait until 3 hours have passed before you pull out the flats. I know Sis your feet will hurt, but you don’t want a picture with your girls and your the only one with the ugly flats on because you couldn’t hold out.

Wear heels. Did you read my explanation above? If so read it again. Don’t be that Girl.

Thank you so much for Reading. I hope this post helps you slay your next event! Remeber don’t blend in you were made to stand out.

I love you for reading

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