Best Curl Defining Cream for 4c Hair

Curl definition 2If you are apart of the natural hair community than you know that Eco styler went through a canceled movement recently. If you have no idea what I am talking about check out videos here. When this first came out honestly I didn’t know who to believe. One thing I did know was that I needed a backup plan just in case anything was true. Hence my search for the best curl defining creme began.

While on Instagram, I kept coming across this company Curl Definition. At first, I was in disbelief at some of the results I was seeing. People with 4c hair having the most defined moisturized curls I have ever seen after using her products. This was all achieved by using their curling defining creme.  I looked into the company and everything seemed legit. After a few weeks of stalking their Instagram, I made the purchase. Let’s go over my whole experience.

The Purchase.

Purchasing through the website was quick and easy. The set I purchased was the Curl Definition 3 Step Bundle for Coily & Tightly Curled/4 Type Curl Patterns. This set included their Curl Defining creme. I know that was a lot to read but that’s what I got. The kit was $43 but after shipping and tax, it totaled $53.00. I purchased these products on July 23rd which was a Saturday. I received my Products on June 7th. As stated on the website it takes 15 business days, not including weekends to receive your products. So shipping takes three weeks. So just keep that in mind when ordering from this company.

Does it work?

Let’s start with the curl Training mold. The consistency of this product reminds me of wax. This isn’t a bad thing. it coats your hair in a way that seals in moisture. So while using this product be sure your hair is dripping wet. This allows the products to adhere to the hair better. The curling get is just that a gel. You can tell that the gel holds the curl in place which it does its job well. I am sure you could use the curling mold with another brand gel on the market but I like her gel with the curling mold.

After my hair dried it was shiny and very moisturized. After using this system your hair isn’t crunchy at all nor is there any flaking. With any gel I have used there is always flaking and I didn’t have any at all. This is after using the product for four days as well. If I have any changes  I will update this post for you.

Final thoughts

I would recommend this product to all of my family and friends. If you have any heat damage don’t go looking for a miracle. This product does not create curls it enhances them. So if you have any heat damage it will not work. I repeat it will not work. If your hair is kinky and without moisture, this product is for you.

Note to Serriah Le

I think what you have is a gold mine and I see you being the next big thing in natural hair care. Thank you for creating this product line. Keep winning sis and keep pushing because your time is coming.

I did create a video to show my initial reaction and first-time use of this product which is linked below.

I hope you found this information useful. Remeber Be you and stay beautiful because you are worth it.




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