Afraid of oversleeping? Become a morning person immediately in 5 steps

Ever found your self-hating waking up in the morning? It happens to everyone. I know there are some mornings I have to peel myself out of my bed. Now don’t get me wrong I think sleeping in as a treat after a very productive week is not only acceptable but much needed. However, sometimes we can overdo it and find ourselves in a never-ending cycle of hating to start the day. Here are my tips for becoming a morning person.

StockSnap_HQ5SZSNJZ4Plan your week/ day in advance – For me, this was the important step to becoming a morning person. It’s easy to let life pass you by with no plan or purpose. I knew that if I was going to be successful I had to plan and write it all the way out. Putting it on paper gives me a way to measure if I am completing my weekly goals. It’s so rewarding to go back over past weeks and see everything I did. Sometimes I am even able to get more done leaving me more time to complete another task. Planning out my day ensures that I get everything done and helps me prioritize my to-do list. For some, it may be easy to plan your day the night before. For me, I like to sit down at the top of the week and plan from Monday to Saturday.  Sunday is usually my rest day so I don’t usually plan that day out. I review my day the night before to add or change things as needed but for the most part, it stays the same.

Bonus tips: Purchase a planner that allows you to write notes and to-do list each week it makes it so much easier to have all ideas and list in one place.

Try to get more Sleep- This was the hardest thing for me to do.  Going to bed early just isn’t an option for most of us. All the moms and business people out there can relate. As a teenager, I could sleep all day long. Now that I am older I find myself spending my nights blogging, brainstorming, reading comments, reading other blog posts, and researching. The truth is my mind is always processing and working which makes sleep hard. This is why I introduced meditation into my daily routine to calm my racing thoughts and to be honest it has helped. Slowing down your mind equals easier sleep.

Bonus tip: Put your phone down before bed. Once you set your bedtime silence your phone and don’t pick it back up. Any lights from a phone or TV will prolong the time it takes for your body to wind down.  

StockSnap_C33MV6NL6K (1)Set your alarm clock and don’t hit the snooze button

I was the queen of the snooze button. I don’t know if you have done this but I normally have 5 alarms set before the real one. Yes, I had it bad lol. What made me change this habit was the fact that I started to sleep through the “real” alarm. One morning I had my five alarms set. The first one went off I looked at my phone to verify the time and hit snooze. Then I did this for the next three alarms. I was supposed to wake up at 7 but instead, I didn’t wake up until ten. This made me late and messed up my whole morning. You see hitting the snooze button teaches you to ignore the alarm meaning that one day you won’t hear the real one. So don’t be like the old Jylesa be the new morning person Jylesa and stop hitting the snooze button.

Bonus tip: Whatever you use as an alarm in the morning don’t put it beside your bed instead place it on the other side of the room so you have no choice but to get up to turn it off. 

Set a routine and follow it– As easy as this tip sounds I ready know that it isn’t. My morning routine starts with my brushing my teeth because morning breath is bad for everyone’s health. Then I follow my skincare routine because with short hair its is imperative to keep this melanin popping lol. After that, I meditate and read my daily devotional. After having this time to clear my thoughts normally everyone in the house is moving so naturally comes breakfast and shakes ( I don’t like eating early in the morning bad habit # 15872). Having a routine to follow gives me a clear and concise direction for starting my day. So set a routine and follow it. Creating this habit trains your body what to expect. So get up and just do it.

Bonus tip: I didn’t have one for this section but I didn’t want to say thank you for reading my post. 

Be consistent – They say it takes twenty-one days to create a good habit. This change is not going to happen overnight. It will take time. Lord knows the first three days were hard. That snooze button was my friend for many years we were late to a lot of appointments because we were playing take in the mornings. Okay on a more serious note. All it takes is you starting today and making a decision to continue tomorrow. I may not be easy but it is so worth it.

I pray this post helps you achieve your goals of becoming the ultimate morning person. Do you have some morning person tips? Please feel free to put them in the comments below and I might add them to this post. Thanks for Reading.

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