Is Fashion Nova going to be the new Fenty Beauty?

If you have been on Instagram for any length of time, then you know that Fashion Nova is everywhere. Influencers from Kylie Jenner all the way to Love and Hip Hop star Tommie are a part of the huge 15 million that follow Fashion Nova. They literally have the online shopping market on lock. But can Fashion Nova make a splash in the beauty world? With competing brands like Fenty and Juvia’s Place, where will Nova Beauty fit in? Only time will tell. The real question is Fashion Nova going to be the new Fenty Beauty?


I must say that Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy is genius. They have every celebrity, YouTuber and Insta-famous woman post pictures on Instagram and before you knew it, they became a million-dollar online brand. They took Instagram boutiques to a whole different level. The one thing that appeals to everyone is that Fashion Nova was made popular by providing clothing for the curvy woman. Their models are filled with women whose bottom halves are huge but their waist is smaller, aka the perfect coke bottle. I purchase clothes from this brand often and overall I like them. Their jeans are amazing, but some items don’t fit exactly like the pictures on their website (just search on youtube there are many videos on it). And now that Nova Beauty is in the works I have a few questions about this new upcoming brand.

  1. Will this brand be inclusive for all women of all shades?  Fashion Nova, if anyone is reading this, please learn from the mistakes of other brands like Tarte. You are known for your jeans that fit the girls with the big butt and small waist, which is good, but I don’t want you to be added to the list of companies I can’t buy makeup from because my shade isn’t included. My hopes are that they start small and work their way up. It’s important for darker girls to feel included, especially since we make up the majority of their customer base. From the information I have read, there haven’t been many details about what products they are launching. Which leads to my next question
  2. What beauty products are they launching? I can only assume they will start off with some lipstick, lipgloss maybe an eyeshadow palette. I just assume this because that would be easier to launch. Can you imagine Fashion Nova launching a full beauty line? In my opinion, the best beauty launch was Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and she is undefeated. She included women of all shades and her products are affordable so everyone can get it. With Fashion Nova being an affordable brand I am sure they won’t be going to high end. One thing I can’t wait to see is the promotion tactics they will use to promote this new line. I am sure they have some beauty influencers in the works for this project. Let’s wait and see who gets a PR box.
  3. When is the launch date? From what I have read, they will launch at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. My personal opinion, I can see the launch happing right around Christmas time and/or New Years. This is the biggest shopping time of the year and I can’t see them missing out on this huge opportunity unless the line just isn’t fully ready by then. So we will have to wait for more information.

Are you guys excited about this new Nova Beauty line?  Do y’all think they have a chance to run against Fenty? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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