6 things To Do to Celebrate National Relaxation Day

Yep, you read right we have a national holiday called National Relaxation day. August 15, 2018, is National Relaxation Day. So if you ever needed time to yourself this is the best day to take full advantage. I am going to share with you 10 things to do for national Relation day that is sure to have you feeling cool calm and collected all day.

Tip # 1 Take a walk

I know this sounds like exercise and not relaxing but its proven to work. Taking a walk 2-3 times a week can lower stress levels and anxiety. It’s honestly something about natural light that can be so relaxing to the brain. I find that taking a walk is a  great way to clear my mind after a busy day. I would advise that since we still have some pretty high temps outside do this early in the morning or take a late afternoon walk.

Tip # 2 Pamper your skin with a Facemask

There is nothing like feeling the tingling sensation of a good face mask. It’s every girl dream to have a monthly spa day, however, we can’t always indulge. So start off small and do a good face mask. I love going to Sephora they have multiple masks each targeting a problem area. Pick your faves and pamper your face.

Tip # 3 Get a Massage

This is a tip I need to take my own advice on. It’s been a little minute since I got a message. My last message was by Massages by Mac. If you are in The Atlanta area she is the go-to massage therapist. Check out her Instagram right here.

I know your thinking what if I can’t get to her. Then I would say if you have a spouse then ask them for a message. This could be a quick fix to rekindle something if you know what I mean ( wink, wink). If all else fails then purchase a personal massager. Honestly, I am not going to go there.

Tip # 4 Bubble bath

I love a good bubble bath. Now when I say bubble bath I am not talking about you running some shower gel under some water I am talking about an I went to lush today bubble bath and I am going to soak for at least an hour bubble bath.

I know that was a mouth full but For national relaxation day, you deserve a good long bath. You need to sit in the tub until you are a  prune. Its the only way to spend this day!

Tip # 5 Take a nap during the day.

Do you remember when you went to school and they made you take a nap? Do you remember fighting sleep like the plague? I sure do and now that we are older we take any moment we can to get a good nap in. National Relaxation Day is no different. You take that power nap today like you have never taken it before. You deserve it and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Nap way my friend nap away!

Tip # 6 Take an imaginary walk on the beach

I know you might judge me on this one but I live in Atlanta. Atlanta means no beaches so instead of wishing I was on the beach. I have invented a way for you to take an imaginary walk on the beach.

You are going to need a good set of headphones, your phone, and a sidewalk. First go outside, then take your headphones and play some beach sounds. play it loud enough where you start to believe you are there. Now walk with your eye open and imagine you are on your favorite beach.

Okay, so that last one was for kicks and giggles. My hope is that my list jump starts some ideas for ways that you can enjoy National Relaxation day this year. Happy living everyone.












  1. Rach DiMare
    August 13, 2018 / 12:57 pm

    Oo yesss!! Those are the 6 things I’m definitely doing! Such a great way to unwind and decompress. I also read that book and it is so good!


    • heyjylesa
      August 13, 2018 / 1:19 pm

      Omg, I just realized who you are Thank you for reading my blog. Your story is inspirational. Yes, it is an awesome book I am almost done reading it and I love it. I appreciate you stopping by.

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