30 Wardrobe Essentials for 2018 every woman should have by 30

Once you hit thirty now it the time to start adulting. Even if that means shopping you must go do it. As I prepare to walk into my thirties I complied this list of must have wardrobe essentials that will  ensure that you are prepared for any occation.

  1. White button down dress shirt
  2. Blazer
  3. Dark wash Denim jeans
  4. Little black dress
  5. Black ankle length pants
  6. leather jacket
  7. trench coat
  8. Flattering white tee
  9. Denim jacket
  10. midi skirt
  11. Ankle boot
  12. Wrap dress
  13. knit sweater
  14. simple flats
  15. slip on sneakers
  16. classic pumps
  17. Jean shirt
  18. Black Tank
  19. Black suit

  20. fitted jacket

  21. Camisole no lace

  22. printed dress

  23. bold blouse

  24. Ruffled shirt

  25. Party dress

  26. Crossbody bag

  27. Timeless timepiece

  28. Brown tan knee-high boots

  29. peacoat

Diamond Studs

I hope this list helps you. Thanks or reading

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