When should women stop shopping in the juniors section?

When should I stop shopping in the juniors section? This is the question that many women ask themselves both young and old. This isn’t a one fits all answer.  Let’s be real, women come in all shapes and sizes. No one woman can find everything she needs in one store nor can everything be categorized in one section of a store.

Section or Style

Some may say that the juniors section is determined by the age of the women which I don’t totally agree with. For example, JCPenny has a juniors career section that I have found to have some very on-trend, age-appropriate attire for women of all ages. As the old saying goes age is nothing but a number and for me, the juniors section is only a title to describe a certain style of clothing. The juniors section is made to attract a younger audience. I will be giving my opinion on this topic but first, let’s break this down. Let’s list pros and the cons of shopping in the juniors section.

Pros of shopping in the juniors section

  • Everything is on trend- When walking into the juniors department the first thing you will notice it that everything id on trend. For example, army fatigue is making a huge comeback. This Fall army fatigue is a must have in your wardrobe. Because of this trend making a comeback when I walked into my local Rainbow that is all I saw on the racks. So if you’re ever looking for trendy styles that are popular and up to date then the juniors section is where it’s at.
  • Juniors sections are in every store- No matter what store you go there is a juniors section. It’s like This is the prerequisite of all stores. Honestly, I don’t think you’re a real store without a juniors section. For goodness sake, even family dollar has a juniors section lol.
  • Sexier Clothing- This is the biggest reason why most women shop in the juniors section. Before you give me your judgemental eyes, there is a difference between dressing like a THOT and wearing flattering clothes. The juniors section automatically comes with a green ticket that reads ” I am Hot to Trot”. Often women overlook the women’s section because of the fit of the clothing. Plus many of us don’t want to look like a grandma.

Cons of Shopping in the juniors section

  • Finding the right size- Lord knows this is a big issue. If you’re a size that is common in the in any department then you know its struggle. No matter where I shop I always come across the perfect piece to add my wardrobe only to not find my size. It can be frustrating and downright maddening at times. Truth is that shopping in the women’s department I find it a lot easier to find my sizes.
  • Some things just don’t fit- No matter how hard you try. some people can’t find clothing that fits them in the juniors section. Tops are easy to fit but bottoms are always what gives issues because we all come in so many different shape and sizes.
  • Poor Quality- Quality does depend on the brand and or store you go to. However, I have found that mostly all junior sections have lower quality items. All of the marketing for the junior department is geared towards a young audience. Le’st be honest, when we are young we don’t look at quality but quantity.

My opinion

Okay so now that we have the pros and the cons out of the way let me state my personal opinion. I personally think its a personal preference. I find really nice pieces that fit my style and body amazingly in the juniors section. Although I shop in the juniors section for tops, jackets, and skirts. I have found better dresses and pants in the women’s section. The juniors section is a title for a style of clothing. I know people that are 50 years old that still shop in the juniors section.

I would like to say this. There is a time and place for everything. So if you are dressing for the occasion, then, by all means, go for it. But if you go into a board meeting with jeans and a blazer on then we need to move to another department. Other than that I say, ” Do you boo!”

Baby if it fits right then wear it !!!! Age ain’t nothing but a number and style is a personal preference.



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