5 winter Skin care tips : Get rid of dry skin in the winter.

It’s that time Ladies and Gentlemen. Winter is upon us and dry skin is making a huge appearance. Keeping out skin hydrated is an absolute must.  I have partnered with Neautragena to bring you my Winter Skincare tips. Before I tell you my 5 winter Skin care tips time Lets go over reasons why your skin may be dry.

Why your skin maybe Dry

Everyone’s skin is different but there are some key factors that we must take into consideration when trying to figure out why our skin is dry.

One key factor is age. As we get older our bodies naturally produce less oil making it easier for our skin to become dry and cracked. So the next time you laugh at grandma’s dry feet remember that this can be you when you get older too.

Next is the seasons. There is way less humidity in the fall and winter months than in the summer. Less humidity in the air means less moisture for your skin.  This is the reason why its easier for your skin to dry out in the winter months.

Lastly your bathing habits. Now I believe in soap and water every day sometimes twice a day if needed. However, bathing in really hot water and too frequently can really dry out your skin.

5 Tips to Get Rid of Dry skin in the winter.

Tip #1 Avoid Bathing in Hot water- Hot showers combined with soap softens the skin making it easy to strip away the bodies natural oils and skin protectant barriers. We want to keep those natural barriers to protect our skin.

Tip #2 Keep showers to 10-15 minutes- The longer the shower the more likely we are to strip our skin. So keep showers straight to the point.

Tip # 3 Apply moisturizer Immediately after getting out of the shower. I actually apply my moisturizer while still in the shower. Since my pores are still open I have found that my body responds better while still wet.   I personally love Neutrogena’s Hydro body Boost. The formula hydrates skin with hyaluronic acid, found naturally in skin, to boost skin cells’ hydration. The Hydro-Boost Body Gel Cream is my Favorite because of its light formula that seals in moisture.

Tip #4  Drink plenty of water-  The best way to fight dry skin is from within. So drink plenty of water.

Tip #5 Use a humidifier- Since there is less humidity outdoors in the winter time it’s important to add humidity indoor. Buy a humidifier that covers your whole home.


I hope this post helps you this winter.  Thank you for partnering with me Neutrogena.


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