Style Hacks: How to Instantly Look Slimmer.

How to Instantly Look Slimmer 

Hello, Ladies. I am super excited to be showing you guy some of the style tips that I have perfected over the last few months.  It was in this moment that I realized that I need to make a video on this topic…. how to dress to look slimmer.

Tip #1 Dress Your Size!!! 

I don’t care where you buy your clothes just dress your size. Your size is just a numerical value used to define what fits you. You may not be the size you want to be but don’t buy clothes that are too small thinking it will slim you down. It won’t trust me 

Tip # 2 Try Bodysuits.

When purchased in the right size a body suit can make you look so much slimmer. Especially when paired with the right bottoms 

Tip # 3 Go High Waisted!

This tip only works if you buy the right size! High waisted bottoms smooth out the tummy, hides muffin tops, and keeps our cracks covered. This is an al around win for me. What I like most of all with high waisted jeans is that it forces you to embrace your curves. As a curvy girl myself it’s brought so much thick thighs save lives post on social media that I feel more confident in my high waisted jeans.

The best place for high waisted jeans is Fashion Nova .  You can check out my fashion Nova Haul here.  Just remember to try a size or two larger than your actual size. For example I wear a size ten in women’s but in fashion nova jeans I go to 15 . If you know of any other good stores leave them in the comments below so we can all try them out.  

Tip # 4 Avoid Large Prints Horizontal Lines.

This tip is simple the larger the print pattern the larger you look. The wider the print the wider you look. Now while I love a good print you have to be very mindful of how they make you look. Prints draw your eyes in so be smart with your print placement. Vertical lines will always draw your eyes up and down. Horizontal lines will cause you to look left to right making you look wide. If you are heavy chested and wear a busy print on top then you will make that part of of body more prominent. So again choose your prints wisely

Tip # 5 Don’t Be Afraid to Add Layers

This is one of my favorite tips. I love adding blazers and dusters  to my outfits because  they easily elevate your look. Not only do they add a chic feel to your outfit but they can camouflage problem areas. A well placed scarf can do wonders as well.

Tip # 6 Buy the Right Shareware

There are so many different types of shareware. Today I am not going to be detailing it all but what I will say is try some out. I personally love spanks because they are light and comfortable. 

Tip # 7  Try All Black

This is the tip that everyone knows just wear all black !!! It never fails you. 

I hope that this post helps you! If you have any additional tips please put them in the comments below! 

Thank you for reading . If you have time please check out my YouTube Channel were I have more Lifehacks videos For you. 


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