How to look good in a photo.

How to look good in a photo

Hey Girl, I know springtime is right around the corner and you are working on that summertime body. Don’t worry sis I’ve got you. I am going to give you my tips and tricks on how to look good in a photo.

Preparation is key

If you are going to want to take photos its important to be prepared. My basic preparation tips for photos include but are not limited to making sure your hair, makeup, and clothing are on point. Nothing can mess up a photo more than your lace front showing or worst your shirt is wrinkled knowing that was not the look you were going for. So ladies and gentlemen, be prepare to look your best. When you feel good you look good manning you will take better photos.

Get inspiration

Always look for inspiration for your photos. My favorite place to look for inspiration is Instagram. Now that they have that new save feature its easier than ever to save photos to look over later. So scroll over to instagram and get inspired.


Overcast- If you know this I am always talking about lighting. The best light is not direct sunlight. It’s actually the worst lighting because it creates shadows on your face and it causes the watery squinty-eyes everyone hates.  So look for a shade area with even light. Or better yet wait till sunset where its always the best light for photos.

Know your go-to looks

Everyone has a good side that they love. If you don’t take a few minutes to go into the mirror and do different poses. Find the one you like and make them your go-to poses. For example, my go-to pose is the face turned slightly to the left with on eyebrow slightly lifted. I know it sounds crazy but that’s my favorite look. Or maybe you have a fake laugh you do. Whatever you like, do it.

Posed candid shots

Everyone love the posed candid shots. You know the ones I am talking about. The planned off-guard photos you like to do so much lol. We are all guilty. These are the poses where your looking away or you in the moment of doing something but the photographer snaps the photo at the right time to make it a moment. So don’t always go for the overly posed looks get to moving and add the candid  looks into your collection.

Take a lot of photos.

I always say “the more the merrier.” When taking photos decide to snap multiple shots at different angles. Think of poses with slight movments. Sometimes a slight movement can really elevate your photos. So don’t be afraid to take a lot of photos its better to have choices than to have none.

The stance

Now if you don’t know what the stance is then you have been living under a rock. Okay maybe I am over exaggerating a little . The stance is were you stand with your legs apart being sure to place weight on your back legs. For a little more pop you can place one leg slightly in front of the other. This make you body look more shapely and slims you out making you look smaller. 

The  fake walk.

I call this the blogger look. Every fashion blogger has this go-to pose. It’s basically where you act like you’re about to walk but don’t. It’s that “I am about to go look,” but I am not sure yet look. Everyone does it just be sure to find a way to make this one your own.


The best thing you can do is practice. You will only get better by practicing your looks. 

Be Confident

The first person that should like your photo is you. So be gentle with you and know that you are beautiful and let that shine through.

How to look good in a photo? The goal is to always put your best foot forward when planning to take some photos. I hope my tips help you take better photos. Dont forget to @ me om my instagram if you use any of my tips I would love to see and shout you out. Have fun and love the skin your in.


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