Looking For Tan Sneakers? Try Nike Air Max 95

Women’s Air Max 96

A few weeks ago I started the journey of making my first big sneaker purchase. I was on the lookout for a shoe that was neutral and versatile while giving me a dose of 90 vibes. My goal was to take the leap and purchase some chunky dad trainers but couldn’t find any that was giving the look I wanted. That’s when I came across the Nike Air Max 95.

Don’t get me wrong this was not my first time seeing this sneaker. My brother is a sneakerhead so he owns several pair. It wasn’t until I saw the Dersent sand Nike Air Max 95’s that I was sold.

The Details

This old school classic made popular in the ’90s is my top choice for my First big sneaker purchase. This shoe boasts a breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays for support in all the right places. It’s no wonder this show was originally created as a running shoe. Its design makes the shoe very comfortable. For cushioning and stability they added a PU foam which is a great addition to the comfortability of the shoe. The custom lacing system adds luxury to the sneaker making you feel like it was especially fit for you. This ’90’s running shoe is a stylish retro that delivers performance for your active needs.

When the Air Max 95 was created in the 90’s it only came in one color scheme of neon green with a gradient effect from black to grey. In its time it may not have been a truly popular shoe but now with the 90’s fashion trends coming back, Nike has brought style back with some impressive designs.


I am happy to have purchased this shoe as the first installment of my future sneaker collection. I can see myself pairing this shoe with several outfits. This shoe is great for running errons. Which is exactly what i needed when running after two girls under 5.

The Air Max 95’s retail for $160 But I have noticed some nice sales.

Below are some other options they have as well . Happy shopping


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