8 Facts You Should Know About FUBU

Unless you have been living under a rock then you know several clothing companies founded in the ’90s are making a huge comeback. The brand heading these comebacks is FUBU. FUBU was a favorite street clothing brand based in 1992. It was famous because it was the first brand that streamlined urban fashion which wasn’t dominating the scene at the time. T-shirts, rugby shirts, hockey and football jerseys, baseball caps, shoes and denim jeans.were this brands bread and butter. On March 1st, 2019 they launched a collaboration project with Century 21. The collaborationCan’t Resist A classic. Now that you know more about FuBU’s background lets get into 10 facts you didn’t know about FUBU.

Daymond John wasn’t the only founder of FUBU

While Daymond is the most well-known founder he is actually one of four men who founded the brand in 1992. Fubu was founded by Daymond John, J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, and Carlton Brown.

Samsung Invested

Just three years after being founded FUBU gained an investment by one of the most popular cellphone companies Samsung. This Korea based cell phone company saw the value in this clothing brand after just three years. This goes to show that Daymond John knows his way around investing.

Bullet Proof bookbags

With gun violence at an all-time high FUBU has decided to make bulletproof bookbags for school-aged children. Daymond John recently stated, “ If the government isn’t going to find ways to save our kids then I’m going to have to buy a book bag for my children to be a little more protected than what’s out there. We always have tried to be the voice of the kids and the voice of the community.”

They Stated With Hats

Although FuBU is known for their Jearsys and jeans They orginally started the brand with just baseball caps.

FUBU Baseball cap

Record Label

From 2001 to 2003 FUBU established a record label, first releasing a compilation album entitled The Good Life in 2001 and then an album by the 54th Platoon entitled All or Nothin’ in 2003. Both albums made it on the Billboard charts. The FUBU Good Life album was the highest-selling compilation album composed entirely of original tracks that year.

Losing 5 Million.

After their album debut in 2001 for The Good Life which featured artists like LL Cool J, Nate Dogg, and Keith Murray, The company lost 5 million dollars. This was a turn for the worst for the company and led to the clothing company closing in 2003.


With the most recent collaboration with Puma, you wii be surprised that this company still sells their sneakers on walmarts website. I personally love the shoe line with Puma better.

FUBU on walmart.com

Collaboration with NSYNC

Before NSYNC became the heartthrobs that swept the nation in the 90’s Fubu was the first clothing brand to sponsor them. This was a significant strategic move for the company is that it was preserved that FUBU was only made for Black people.

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