Finding Your Personal Style in 5 Insanely Easy Steps

Finding your personal style.

Personal style is one of the hardest things for anyone to discover. With all of the trends and style types, it can be hard to find what personal style resonates with you. That’s where I come in. I spent the last year through trial and error, discovering my own personal style. Today I will give you my tips and tricks on how to discover your personal style.

Style Vs. Fashion

Style is your way of expressing yourself. It is a mindset rather than a set of rules you must follow to be considered stylish. Fashion is what’s trendy and hot right now. Many people often confuse the two meanings.

Your style of dress is how you decided to slay no matter what is trendy or not.

Imagine if every year you purchased what was trending. That means that every season you will be starting a whole new wardrobe. Even if I had the finances, this is counterproductive. I love adding new trends to my closet but every trend doesn’t match my personal style. I am now able to shop and know what pieces match me and my style vs. just purchasing what’s in fashion right now.

With that being said finding your personal style takes time. Everyone is forever evolving so don’t confine yourself with rules. Finding your personal style will keep you out of the fashion rat race that many like to follow. Plus as an extra bonus it will save you money in the long run.

Tips on finding your personal style  

  1. Create a mood board – This can be done on Pinterest or Instagram. On Pinterest create a board that ignites what you like. You know the pictures that evokes a strong feeling of happiness.  Cover everything from decor, clothing, outfits, travel, and shoes. Look for colorized images that showcase the colors you like. For me, I love neutral colors and especially white and clean lines. You can check out my style mood board here.  This same thing can be done on Instagram by using the new collections feature. See the tutorial below.
  2. Surround yourself with others of that style – Instagram is a perfect place for funny videos and following your favorite celebrities. But did you know that you can easily find fashion bloggers with your same style desires? I went through my friends’ list on Instagram and cleaned out all the people that were not contributing to me reaching my goals. Because I want to inspire others through my fashion I starting following others that inspire me. This has helped fuel my creativity and has given me plenty of style inspiration. The goal is not to become a copycat, but to find inspiration to push you to figure out your style.  
  3. Become familiar with different types of style – For every style there is a word that explains its vibe. There is everything from classic chic, modern, eclectic, bohemian, or trend-forward. These are just the basic terms. When you look in a magazine or at celebrity pictures start trying to guess the look they were going for. Becoming familiar with these different types of styles will help you find your own. If you would like to see examples explaining each style type, check out my style board on Pinterest here.
  4. Clean the closet – Once you have discovered your style, be sure to remove all items that don’t match your desired vibe. This ensures that it is easier to find and coordinate outfits in the future.
  5. Trust your instinct – Style isn’t linear. At the end of the day, fashion and style is a form of expression. Wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Style is an expression in one of its highest forms. So trust what you feel and wear what you want.   

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

If you have any questions don’t be a stranger leave them in the comments below.

XOXO Jylesa


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