Best Tacos in Atlanta

I think that it is honestly a shame that I am not the let’s try this new place for food type of girl. I am the “let’s stay in my lane type of girl.” Needless to stay me finding any restaurants outside of my comfort zone is a huge hit or miss. I am so happy I stepped out on faith because I came across what I would like to say are the best Tacos in Atlanta.

I first visited bartaco a few months back at a bloggers event. Being that it was my first time at this place I took in everything from the decor to the food. Whoever did the decorating for this restaurant knows what they are doing. Upon entering the establishment, I was rushed with beach vibes. You can tell they love a good time and clean lines. The decor is rustic, clean with a hint of nautical that makes you feel like your off the coast in Hawaii. Each location has a cute fire place outside that set the mood for good vibes and food. After taking in the vibes next is the food.

The menu was different. I had never tasted duck before nor had I eaten a fish taco but boy I am glad I tried them out. I wasn’t expecting to like everything I tasted. One thing is for sure is that bartaco isn’t a Mexican restaurant. Their menu is Mexican inspired but in a healthier and better-tasting version. I never feel bad for eating at bartaco.

So here are a little insiders tips when visiting bartco.

  • Ask for their secret menu. Yes, there is one ask about it.
  • If all else fails when looking at their menus try the duck quesadilla.
  • They give out free tacos to repeat visitors.
  • Do have fun and soak in all the good vibes.
  • Try the hot sauce even if you don’t like spicy food I promise you can put that sh$# on everything!
  • Dont forget to ask for dessert!

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