8 Ways Your Shopping Habits Are Leaving You Broke

The other day I was looking in my closet and realized that I had a whole bunch of clothes that I don’t wear. When I purchase the clothing, I couldn’t wait to get home and match up my outfits. But truth be told a lot of items haven’t moved off of the hanger once. I am guilty of being addicted to shopping. My shopping habits left me broke and looking for a way out. This is why I wrote 10 ways your shopping habits are leaving you broke

Buying Cheap Clothes

This shopping Habit is hard to break especially if you feel you don’t have the finances to invest in clothing. I am a full believer in getting a bargain when it comes to clothes. Don’t get me wrong I am always looking for a good sale. Cheap clothing is not about the price but more so the quality. Some things are tail signs that an item of clothing is of low quality.

Things like material, Seems, and fit of the garment are all signs of quality. My next blog post will break this down into more detail. Cheap clothing will cost you more in the long run. For example, buying a $4 white shirt may satisfy your need right then, but you will have to replace that shirt 4 times in a year. That $5 shirt has cost you an additional $25 when you could have spent $20 and gotten you a shirt that would last you for years. So save you money and look at your clothing as an investment and not a bill.

Pays to much for an item

Always shop around before making a purchase. A lot of time we shop out of convenience. We go for whatever is closest or the quickest solution to our fashion crisis. The beautiful thing about the internet is you can buy around. For example when I was looking for a new pair of tennis shoes. I searched several stores online and in person before making my final decision. The final cost was $75 for a $135 pair of shoes. I saved $60 buy just doing a google search and found the lowest price. That $60 went towards another item I had been eyeballing for some time.

Following The Trends

Following trends will always leave you broke. There is a new trend every three months. If your whole look is trending all the time, then you are wasting money every season. Trends come and go just like seasons. Therefore, they should be the add on to your style. This is why I believe in investing in classic pieces that are timeless and sprinkle a few patterns here and there, and you have to perfect wardrobe. 80 % of your wardrobe should be classic pieces while the other 20% Trends.

Buying the Wrong size.

This shopping habit was a hard one to break. I would find myself buying an item a size smaller in hopes that I will lose the weight at a later date to fit it. Can that happen yes but is it happening right now no. What has happened to me is that items have been sitting for some time. I do believe in having a goal outfit you want to fit int when you reach your fitness goals but buying the wrong size is costing you money. So if you are in the process of losing weight don’t plan any large shopping trips right now. Plan the shopping trip as an award for achieving your weight loss goal. This will save you money in the long run.

Impulse Shopping

This Habit is emotionally based. There was a time when the only how I had was waiting on an Amazon package. Shopping can release temporary endorphins that will produce temporary happiness. But this often ends with regret and returns. Window shopping should never turn into a shopping spree for anyone unless your Kim Kardashian and got it like that.

Shopping without purpose

Before shopping wither, that is online or in-store you should have a plan. This shopping habit can be a challenge as well especially if you get easily distracted. For instance, you walk in Walmart for eggs, and you come out with a buggy full of things that weren’t on your list. The goal is to pre-scout out what you’re looking for and got to the store and execute with no distractions. I know that sounds like a top-secret CIA mission, but the goal is to save money not go broke.

Keeping Up With The Influencer

This is a big one. Everyone is on Instagram including myself is strutting their best looked in hopes to get you to buy. The truth is most influencers are sponsored meaning that the clothing they sport they didn’t buy. They are given to them in exchange for posting or even paid to do a video. So don’t count your coin when looking at your favorite Instagrammers because nine times out of ten they don’t have the shopping habits you do.

Shopping at the wrong store

This last and final shopping habit is another way to save money. Be on the lookout for the audience the store is catering to. For example, European stores provide to the smaller thin figured woman. If you are curvy and full figured, then you shouldn’t be shopping at that store even if the items are cute if they don’t cater to your figure don’t shop there.

Thank you for reading !

xoxo Jylesa


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