Hey there! Yes, you there staring at the screen! My name is Jylesa an Atlanta lifestyle blogger. I know you probably stumbled across my blog and you are here because you saw my fashion on Instagram or Pinterest. Or, maybe because of your boredom you decided to stop here and search for a little while. Either way, I am happy you are here. So let us get to the juicy details.

This blog started because I love Fashion but most of all I love a good deal.  This blog is running off my desire to help others and connect them with creative shopping tools to help every woman to live their best life while remaining stylish in the process.

I have so many ideas in my head that I wanted to share them with the world (well mainly you). My goal is that through sharing my life, enriching your life will in some way. Be it a laugh or just information. I am giving you the details of my life hoping to better yours!

Cheers to being stylish while living our best lives


Jylesa an Atlanta Fashion Blogger

Example of my style lookbooks